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Resource Lists: FAQs

How to use Resource Lists@Bham

Frequently asked questions

  • What if I forget what to do?
  • Guidance is available here. Your Engagement Advisor can also remind you how the system works at any point- just get in touch!
  • How do I trigger book orders via my list?

1) Ensure you have added importances to hardcopy items and included student numbers- canvas guidance is here.
2) ​
Click request review to then trigger a library check of your list. See our advised timings for ordering resources.

  • How does it work with Canvas? Haven’t I already put all this in Canvas
  • You can upload your list as external tools into Canvas to suit the way your module is laid out.- guidance is here. Once you have created your lists the links to the library catalogue and journal articles and other online resources are live so your students will always be automatically be directed to the latest information about a resource. 
  • Isn’t this just admin work?
  • No. You can annotate your lists with advice and instructions to your students on how to make the best of the resources you are recommending and help them understand why you are recommending the resources. OK, using ResourceLists@bham helps with the administration of acquiring resources but it can also be part of the pedagogic process which transforms the students experience and improves NSS.
  • Do students even bother with it?
  • Yes. This is what students have been saying:
  • ‘I found it very useful – I like how it enables you to select the reading status of each material’
  • ‘It has inspired me to actually do the readings / makes literature much easier to find’
  • ‘Easier to view readings on a lecture by lecture basis’
  • ​'ResourceLists are fantastic - I'm in my third year and can't believe I've only just discovered them'
  • 'Make Resource Lists compulsory for all modules please!'
  •  Doesn’t it stop students looking for material themselves/wider reading?
  • You can structure your list to promote databases such as ProQuest, Web of Science, OVID  or specific journals and get them to do their own searches. ResouceLists@Bham  cuts down the amount of time students spend looking up particular reference and often getting confused and lost on the way. This way they go straight to the article or audio Visual clip they need and therefore have more time to engage with the resources and do their own wider reading.
  •  Can more than one tutor take ownership of a list?
  • Each list has one overall owner but any number of tutors can be assigned editing rights. Guidance on how to share editing access for your list is here.
  •  Can I import a list of reference from Endnote, Zotero etc?
  • Yes- see guidance here.
  • I have several very similar lists. Do I have to create them all from scratch or can I ‘recycle’ my lists?
  • It is possible to have copies made from one original list and edit the copies as much or as little as you need to. Just email your engagement advisor for more info. 
  • Can I use Amazon or Google Books instead of Findit as a source?
  • Yes, whichever  you feel most comfortable with. Once you have  added a record from Amazon to Resoucelists@Bham the system will automatically search Findit and if we have a copy of the item display our holdings