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Shakespeare and Renaissance Literature: Referencing

Subject support from Library Services for staff and students in Shakespeare and Renaissance Literature.

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Cite Them Right Online


 It is vital that you keep an accurate record of everything you consult when doing your work and cite what you have used clearly so that:

  • You can find the original source  again yourself
  • Someone reading your work will be able to  find the original source
  •  You can avoid plagiarism by making clear what is your work and what is in the source

You can maintain a record of the references you using either a bibliographic software package such as EndNote or by recording the details manually on reference cards.

 For more information on quoting and managing references see the i-cite website

Referencing Software

Referencing software can help you store and organise your references as well as embed them in your assignment, dissertation, thesis or paper, in a style of your choice. Currently, the University supports two referencing software packages: Endnote and RefWorks.


Endnote is recommended for anyone who is doing detailed research, e.g. PhD students, researchers and lecturers.


RefWorks is a web-based package and is available free of charge to all members of the University. This package is intended for undergraduate and taught postgraduate students, as it is not as comprehensive as Endnote.

Other Software

For subjects which rely heavily on mathematical formula and equations, LaTeX may be an appropriate choice for producing your documents. BibTeX, often used with LaTeX, can be used for producing  reference lists or bibliographies. Although these resources are not supported by Library Services, there are some good user guides available.


For information about how to avoid plagiarism see The University's Referencing and Plagiarism webpages


For information on copyright see The University's Copyright webpages