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Shakespeare and Renaissance Literature: Skills & Training

Subject support from Library Services for staff and students in Shakespeare and Renaissance Literature.

Academic Skills Centre

The Academic Skills Centre is a place where undergraduate students can come to develop their mathematical, academic writing and general academic skills. We can help you develop as a learner, boost your marks and get the most from your academic studies.

  • Our mathematical drop-in support service is available Monday-Friday during term time.
  • Our general academic and writing support is available throughout the year.
  • We provide workshops, online support and opportunities for you to have an individual appointment with an advisor to discuss your learning strategies, feedback from assessed work and much more in order to become more effective.


Academic Skills Gateway (ASG)

The ASG is our online interactive skills resources portal. It is: 

  • our gateway to starting and progressing with learning  
  • designed to help students with all aspects of their academic skills.

Help Is At Hand

Help and Training from our Academic Skills Advisors

What we can do

Offer help, advice, training, support and documentation to students and staff undertaking research, project work, essays and/or dissertations.

Contact the Academic Skills Team at to arrange a 1-1 session - this may be conducted in person, via email, over the phone, or online via Skype. A typical session may include: 

  • Introduction to library services and resources
  • Identification of and training in using key databases and information sources in your subject area
  • Explanation of the principles of literature searching and help in constructing a search strategy
  • Troubleshooting complex/systematic literature reviews
  • Introduction to referencing software
  • Helping to keep you up to date with research

Appointments will generally last between 30 and 60 minutes, and will be initially provided up to 4 times per student, per academic year.

Further Training & Help

Digital Skills Technology Team






We design and deliver a wide range of courses and technology training solutions to meet the developmental needs of students, teaching, research and admin staff.

We specialise in software such as:

  • Databases
  • Spreadsheets
  • Presentations
  • Digital Images
  • Project Management
  • Word Processing
  • Statistics

To see our programme of training courses, book specialist one-to-one support or take advantage of our online provision, visit our website


Finding Resources