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FindIt@Bham: Search and browse

FindIt@Bham online help

Basic search

Enter any search term into the search bar. You can use an author name, a title of a book or journal, an ISBN or keywords. A full title will give the most specific results when searching for books.

If you want to do a general subject search, just use keywords that best describe what you are looking for, e.g. ancient Byzantium history.

If you are looking for a specific phrase (i.e. words in a specific order), use quotation marks around them, e.g. "clinical nursing"

The response is a list of books and other items that match your search, with the most relevant appearing first.

Understanding the screen/availability

  1. Click locations to see the number of copies, where in the library it is located , and whether it is available.
  2. If all the copies are out of the library, click reservations to place a reserve for when the book is returned. You will need to be signed in to do this .

For electronic resources, such as ebooks and journal articles, follow the View Online link. You will need to be signed in to FindIt to view these items.

Refining and sorting your results

FindIt searches a huge database of resources, so the list of results can often be long. Use the facets down the left hand side to quickly refine the results. These include by library site, date, subject and author name.

At the top right of the Results page is a drop-down box labelled Sorted by. The default sort order is by relevance to your search, but you can re-sort the results in other ways, such as by author, title or date. This can help for example when you are looking for a particular edition of a work.

Search tips

    Just want printed books in the library?
Select Physical Items

    Choosing Search Words
    Typing more words in your search will:

  •      Make your search more specific
  •      Give you fewer hits

If you are downloading and copying electronic content make sure you know about plagiarism

Example searches:

  • myth (broad search 828 hits)
  • myth and legends  (specific search 116 hits)
  • ‚Äčmyth and legends British (18 hits) 

If you need eJournals, electronic articles or eBooks the same rules apply, but remember to select 'Online items'. 
You'll find more information in the  Library's Webpages, or if you require an instant answer please chat to a librarian using Just Ask!