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Welcome to the support pages for the University of Birmingham Dubai Campus students.  Here you will find specific links to resources you can use to help you succeed in your studies.

English language support
English language support


Welcome, from the Birmingham International Academy!

As an International student studying on our Dubai campus, there is a range of online insessional EAP (English for Academic Purposes) materials available to you: whether you are a Foundation student in your first year of four, working towards an undergraduate degree; an undergraduate student doing a first degree such as a BSc or a BA; a postgraduate student doing a higher-level degree, such as an MSc or an MA. These are free materials and you can do as much or as little as you like at your own pace. All you need is a CANVAS log in/ University ID and you can self-enrol at any time.

If you have any questions and you are studying on the Dubai campus, contact our Course Administrator via:

English language support


From Reading into Writing

Whether you are a social scientist or a STEM scientist studying computer science, economics and mechanical engineering, you can learn about the University’s expectations around reading into writing and how you can meet them. You are welcome to self-enrol on one or both courses.

The topics on our From Reading into Writing courses include all you need to know when you are working on your written assignments, e.g. understanding questions, reading to increase your knowledge, paraphrasing, argumentation and avoiding plagiarism. You will have access to 50+ academic language and skills quizzes, discussion boards, videos, study tips and reflection tasks.


English for Academic Purposes Toolkit

The EAP Toolkit is a coherent, integrated unit of self-study material for students whose first language is not English. It contains 80+ hours of activity-based learning, including online exercises to test language and study skills.


Assess your Academic English Skills (Dubai)

If you would like to diagnose your strengths and weaknesses in English grammar and vocabulary and do some focussed practice in these two areas to develop your academic writing, you can try our Assess your Academic English! module. The skills  developed in this module also include understanding tutor feedback, paraphrasing / summarising and synthesising  skills, awareness of academic style, acknowledgement of sources, proofreading skills, language accuracy (sentence structure, verb agreement, tenses in academic writing etc., ) and understanding tutors in  lecturers and seminars. The module is offered on a ‘self-enrol’ basis and can be completed in approximately 90 – 120 minutes.


British Academic Culture Guides

As an international student at a British institution, it is important that you understand the context you are studying in. You will meet people from different cultures during your studies and need to adjust to your new educational environment.

You can download informative guides to help you on this exciting journey: 



Information literacy skills
Information literacy skills


What is Information Literacy?

According to the Information Literacy Group of the Chartered Institute of Library and Information Professionals information literacy is defined as incorporating "a set of skills and abilities which everyone needs to undertake information-related tasks; for instance how to discover, access, interpret, analyse, manage, create, communicate, store and share information" (CILIP ILG,  2018)