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Alumni users (University of Birmingham only)

For those RefWorks users: who have not yet left the University of Birmingham, but wish to continue to have access to the reference information stored in RefWorks.  NB: this will not provide live links to full text articles, unless these are supplied on Open Access (ie not dependent on licensed subscriptions from the University).

Former students can set up an Alumni account with RefWorks, and so still have access to the records though not the full text of material subscribed under licence to the University.

Legacy RefWorks users:

To set up an Alumni account in advance of leaving, the user should go to , select "Sign Up for a New Account", and enter the group code RWAlumni. 

  • NB: it is best to save a file of RefWorks references before leaving the University, so that these can then be uploaded into the Alumni account afterwards.

'New' RefWorks users:

Ex Libris guidance:

  • The user simply changes their account 'role' via the Settings page to that of an alumni. 
  • The user will want to change their login to a new email address (i.e. not a email address) to allow them access via

What if the alumni user didn’t retrieve files/references before their current account closed?

  • Any alumni can contact support directly ( and provide their old institutional email address. From this, Ex Libris can provide the alumni with a copy of their data appropriate for the situation. 


  • Users can also make sure they save a file of their references, and later upload these to other referencing software such as Endnote or Mendeley (see the section "Help and other software" for more details).  Endnote requires purchase, which is available on educational discount whilst the user is still a University member. 
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