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Books and ebooks

Always check your Canvas pages for any reading or resource lists from your tutors.

The Library's guide to using FindIt shows how to find books or ebooks.

  • Use Advanced search for more accuracy
  • Use filters on the right: eg ebooks

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Some key Ebooks on FindIt

For ebook searching of the main collections in the library, carry out a search on FindIt, then use the Ebooks filter on the right of the page.  Examples below: these have direct links to the record on FindIt.

To open up each ebook:

  • Use the link to the ebook platform, Ebooks Central, part-way down the record to open the book up on-screen.  You may first need to accept an initial agreement from the supplier, Proquest
  • Then choose Read Online to view the book and go to any page or chapter you wish

Titles will be available on other platforms, but the procedure is essentially the same.  The following reference book is available online on FindIt from the publisher Elsevier:

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