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Covid-19.  During the Coronavirus (Covid-19) pandemic many publishers are offering free access and commentary to resources that are not ordinarily available without a subscription. Library Services have compiled a  list that also includes useful resources outside of or additional to your area of study.

Please also note our online guide to Covid-19 resources

Journals (periodicals) are important because they are:

  • Published on a regular basis
  • Contain the most up to date scholarly research
  • Tend to be shorter and more specific than books

Use bibliographic databases - located on Findit@Bham - for a targeted subject search for peer-reviewed journal articles across many different journals in your field. 

Bibliographic Databases 

  • Hover the cursor over the 'i' icon for more details 


Databases and articles: further information

Bibliographic databases will provide a list of relevant journal articles and sometimes books, reports, working papers and conference proceedings.

  • Some of the databases will provide you with direct full-text access to the articles. Some will provide an index and abstract (a short summary) of the article, in which case use the 'FindIt@Bham' button to check if there is full text available. 
  • Whenever you are accessing online journals and databases you need use the Sign in link at the top right of the screen to enter your University username and password.  This will ensure that you get full access to all the resources. 
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