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Top Tips for getting the most out of seminars

How to get the most out of Seminars

What might you be asked to do in advance?

Most tutors set some reading or a task to do in advance of the seminar. It is important you do this and arrive at the seminar prepared. This will help you to feel more confident and enable you to participate fully. Be pro-active in finding out what you need to do to prepare for each seminar. Tasks or required reading may be posted on Canvas and it may be up to you to seek them out.

How can you prepare?

  • Look at the seminar topic in advance and consider what thoughts you already have. 
  • Read the set text or do the pre-seminar activity, and note your response, questions, thoughts and criticisms.
  • Look back at your lecture notes and jot down questions, comments and things you'd like to discuss.
  • What are the links between the set reading, the lecture, and the seminar activity? Try to anticipate what might be explored and come up with something you could contribute.
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