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Visuals in your writing: A short guide

A short guide to visuals in your writing

List of references

Chivers, B. and Shoolbred, M.(2007) A student’s guide to presentations. London: Sage.Link to ebook through Findit@Bham

Book includes information about using visuals in presentations. 

Creative Commons. (2015) Search Engine

A great place to look for copyright free images on the web..

Learn Higher. (2013) Graphical data

Quick hints and tips on using graphical data in reports and essays. Aimed at scientists.

Learn Higher. (2013) Using graphical data

Examples of good and poor practice..

Short Guide to referencing figures and tables. University of Birmingham. Academic Skills Centre

Companion guide. Read in parallel with this one.

Writing in the science subjects: diagrams and tables University of Bradford. Academic Advice Service{ PDF}

Student copyright guide University of Derby. Library. 

With special thanks to:

Nancy Graham, formerly Subject Advisor, Library Services, who drew the ASC’s attention to the University of Derby and University of Nottingham tools

Alex Fenlon, University of Birmingham, Library Services for invaluable advice on copyright matters and Creative Commons licencing

Sonia Lee Cooke and Paul Foxall, University of Birmingham, Library Services, Digital and Technology Skills Team for illuminating advice on inserting images into documents

Jenny Frei and Ian Duncan (students), for permission to use materials.

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