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CINAHL and RefWorks: Tutorial

RefWorks in Word


If you encounter problems with installing Write n Cite (or the alternative Citation Manager add-in), it is recommended that you use the Quick Cite and Create Bibliography functions from within RefWorks itself, and then copy and paste the results into your document

  • See RefWorks: Quick Cite and Create Bibliography in this guide

To use RefWorks directly within Word documents, you will need to download a plug-in called Write n Cite.

  • If you are on campus and using a University PC or laptop, then Write n Cite should already be installed and show as a RefWorks tab on Word

MAC users and some others *may* be unable to use this plugin.  There is a newer alternative available, RefWorks Citation Manager (RCM): this is an add-in located within the Store in Word (Insert: Store [red folder]).  


RefWorks in Word - Write n Cite

Get the Plugin (Write n Cite)

  • From within RefWorks, select the tools icon:

  • Then choose Tools from the resulting drop-down
  • Scroll down the next screen to "Cite in Microsoft Word" 
  • Then: check against the Windows or MAC versions for the correct Write n Cite plugin to download

Add a Citation

  • Once you have installed Write-N-Cite, open Microsoft Word and click the tab that has been added to your ribbon - it will be called either "ProQuest" or "RefWorks." Click on “Log In” and enter your RefWorks username and password.=




  • To add your first citation, choose “Insert Citation” and then “Insert New” from the drop-down arrow:


  • A window pops up allowing you to choose a RefWorks citation from your RefWorks folders.

  • On clicking OK, the citation is added to your document:











  • Once you insert a citation, it also gets added to a menu under the “Insert Citation” button so you can re-use it quickly

Read the following instructions, then do the same, using your own references from your RefWorks account.

  • NB: always proof-read in-text citations and reference lists or bibliographies
  • Use University of Birmingham's iCite Guide (2019), or  Cite them right online by Macmillan Press (Pears and Shields, 2019a) , from the print work Cite them right (Pears and Shields, 2019b).  Sign in to Cite them right, if prompted, with your University login

Add a Bibliography (reference list)

  • You can insert a bibliography into your document by clicking “Bibliography Options” and “Insert Bibliography.”

The bibliography is added to the document. It updates automatically, so every time you add a citation to the body of your text, the full citation appears in the bibliography, properly ordered:

"The first article discusses timing (Constantine et al., 2008), whereas the second  examines 'emerging concepts' (Tita et al., 2009)."

At any time, you can change your citation style using the drop-down menu in "Styles" in the RefWorks tab within Word. ‚Äč

  • The citations and bibliography in your document will automatically update


  • Harvard (Cite them right Harvard) and Vancouver are the two main styles in MDS

The plugin also has advanced options for things like customizing your bibliography’s formatting or editing your citations. See the Help pages for more information and links. 

Note: you can also generate bibliographies from within RefWorks itself, which can then be copied and pasted into a document.  See the extended RefWorks Guide and choose the tab "Creating a bibliography". 

Example of final bibliography (referece list) headed My Bibliography, with full reference details in Harvard style


Library Services, University of Birmingham (2019) iCite: referencing at the University of Birmingham.  Available at: (Accessed 6 September 2019)

Pears, R. and Shields, G. (2019a) Cite them right. Available at: (Accessed 6 September 2019)

Pears, R. and Shields, G. (2019b) Cite them right. 11th edn.  London: Macmillan International Higher Education. 


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