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CINAHL and RefWorks: Tutorial

CINAHL Part 2: Saving results and search history

CINAHL: Saving results and search history.

To save required articles to a folder or to referencing software (eg RefWorks):

  • Select the blue folder icon on the right of each result in the lower half of the screen

  • Then select Folder View to the right 

  • In Folder View, tick the boxes to select records

  • Then choose the Export function on the right for RefWorks or other options

CINAHL folder page with tick boxes to Export items


NB: If this does not work, select 'Direct export for RIS format ... " in the folder view in CINAHL (instead of export to RefWorks).

  • This generates a .RIS file suitable for uploading into various referencing software programmes

  • Save this file to your desktop or other location

  • Open up RefWorks and upload the .ris file into RefWorks using the + icon and the import references feature
  • Find and use the RIS UTF-8 filter to enable the upload

To save the whole search history or strategy:

  • Select Save searches / alerts above the search lines


  • Then set up an individual account (free!) to name and save the search history
  • The search history can be accessed and re-run later
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