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Migration to the UK: an introduction

Updates and Campaign groups

This page has updates and links to organisations working in this area. It covers support groups for: EU27 citizens in UK, British in Europe, asylum seekers and refugees, and also overarching bodies seeking to promote friendship across different groups in society.  

News: The Joint Council for the Welfare of Immigrants (2019) has achieved an inital success in challenging the Right to Rent element of Immigration Law in the Hostile Environment. The High Court ruled against the Government.


Joint Council for the Welfare of Immigrants (2019) We Won!  Available at: (Accessed 18 June 2019). 

Citizenship,immigration, civil and human rights groups

British in Europe - for UK citizens in EU27 countries. 

Docs not Cops - campaigning group to lobby against charging such as the NHS immigration surcharge and enforced immigration status checks by NHS staff.

In Limbo Project - testimonies of EU27 citizens in the UK: those who have stayed, those who have left. 

Joint Council for the Welfare of Immigrants - respected non-governmental organisation.

Liberty - civil and human rights group in the UK. 

Runnymede Trust - independent race equality thinktank (UK).

the3million - main campaigning group and support network for EU27 citizens in the UK and their friends, families, supporters. 

Universities resist border controls - "Unis Resist Border Controls (URBC) is a national campaign made up of British, EU, non-EU, migrant students, lecturers, & university workers opposed to Home Office surveillance, the Hostile Environment, and border controls on UK campuses" (About Unis resist border controls)


Refugee and asylum support and information

Bail for immigration detainees - challenging immigration detention in the UK.  

Detention Action - informing, supporting detainees and campaigning on immigration detention in the UK.

Free movement - specialist legal group led by Colin Yeo.  

Freedom from torture - charity supporting victims of torture to recover. Formerly the Medical Foundation for the Victims of Torture.

Migrant help - for asylum seekers, refugees, survivors of slavery.

QARN - Quaker Asylum and Refugee Network.

Refugee Council - National group for the UK. 

Right to Remain - small support and campaign group: developed the Right to Remain Toolkit.

Pixabay Hand refugee asyum.  CC0 (Public domain).  


These groups work to support and highlight the contribution and human dignity of refugee, asylum seeker and migrant groups in the UK. 

Celebrating Sanctuary - celebrating the social and cultural heritage of refugees and asylum seekers in the UK.

Citizens UK - grassroots organisation seeking to involve local people in their communities. 

Hope not Hate - campaigning to expose and oppose the far-right and other extremist groups.

Stephen Lawrence Charitable Trust - helps young people from disadvantaged backgrounds.  Founded in memory of Stephen Lawrence, murdered in a racist attack in 1993.


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