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Starting the writing process: A short guide

Stage 5: Re-drafting

  • With ‘fresh eyes’ and a clear mind, re-read your first draft. Write comments and identify gaps in your argument, to address in your second draft.
  • As you re-write, always consider your reader and whether they will be able to understand and follow your ideas. Will they be convinced by your logic and use of evidence?
  • Begin to pay closer attention to your essay’s structure, writing style and grammar.
  • Ask yourself whether your main argument is stated and introduced convincingly enough at the beginning of the essay. Does each paragraph then develop this argument, and contribute to answering the question?
  • Check for repetition, muddled sentences, or awkward phrasing.
  • After re-writing and editing, proofread and format the essay. Make sure your references are all present and correct.
  • Read the essay again for the last time.
  • Finally, submit! 
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