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Time management: a short guide

A short guide to time management


Talk to your tutor and friends about time management skills

You can arrange to meet your tutor to help you prioritise your work. Personal tutors will have been in your position when they were students, so their advice could make a significant difference. Also, talk to your friends about how they manage their time – everyone has their own method.

Take time to relax

Go for a walk or a run to focus your mind. If possible, get out to a park or a garden. This can contribute to maintaining good mental health. After a walk, you may be surprised by the fresh ideas and energy that you have. If you don't like walking or running, try meditation or relaxation techniques. The University also has apps and self help guides for your health and wellbeing, which are a good source of information

Build good habits

Many aspects of time management are actually about developing good habits. Try the following approach. Work out what’s getting in the way of good habits and work on study routines; If you keep practising, good habits will become automatic, so you don’t even think about them. For example:

  • Prioritise your tasks for each day
  • Update your to-do list
  • Check your calendar
  • Avoid distractions
  • Continually review your progress

The Academic Skills Centre have also created a printable planner, which you could use to plan your time. 

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