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American and Canadian Studies

Why use Primary Sources

                            Primary sources are original documents dating from the period being studied. Some primary sources tell a personal story, for example, eyewitness accounts written at the time of an event or written shortly afterwards. Others are official documents such as legislation and regulations. using primary sources can add an extra dimension to your essays. See more about how to understand and use them with our Guide to Historical Primary Sources.

Image: Brown paper and black pen by Joanna Kosinska on Unsplash

Digitised primary sources

Sound archives

Cadbury Research Library

Cadbury Research Library Reading Room           Housed  in the Muirhead Tower at the University of Birmingham, The Cadbury Research Library contains rare books and manuscripts, including the Church Missionary Society Archives which are particularly useful for African Studies.

See also the Black History resource guide which details archives and rare books held at the Cadbury Research Library. 

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