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A guide to using ARTstor image library

Using Artstor Images in Papers

This page outlines how you can use Artstor images in papers, including:

Information about citing images

Artstor's citation tool

Viewing metadata for Artstor images

Downloading Images

If you have a registered Artstor Digital Library account you can download images. 


Click an item thumbnail to launch the Detail page

Click the Download button

Select Download Item

Click to Accept the Terms and Conditions of Use.

Your file will download into whichever folder you have designated for downloads from your web browser.


Citing Images

Citing images can be tricky. The Library of Congress provides a great overview of how to cite images/primary source materials like paintings, photographs, and documents. Read it at Citing Primary Sources

For more information on quoting and managing references see the University of Birmingham's i-cite website

Using Artstor Digital Library's Citation Tool

Artstor Digital Library features a handy tool to help you save your image citations.

To save citations, highlight image thumbnails in your search results, then go to the top menu: "Tools" > "Save citations for selected images." Back in the "Tools" menu, select "View and export citations." You can send your citations to EndNote or simply view them in printer-friendly format.

Viewing Image Metadata

All images in Artstor Digital Library are accompanied by metadata--that is, information about the images. This includes things like title, date, creator, repository, medium, and more. This information provides you with the details you need to cite images.

To view the metadata for an image, click the image title under the thumbnails in your search results. Alternately, open an image and click the "i" icon at the bottom of the image viewer window.

The metadata will also tell you who owns the image (in the "rights" field), which is important if you want to use an image you find in Artstor Digital Library in a publication. Artstor does not own the images in the Digital Library; they are owned by the institutions who graciously contribute them to our database. So, if you wanted permission to use the below image in a publication, you would need to contact the Getty for permissions, as noted in the rights field.


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