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Using browser extensions to access eJournal articles

Provides an overview of the browser extensions LibKey Nomad and EndNote Click and how they can be used to provide one-click access to the full-text of subscription and open access eJournal articles.

Getting Started

There are a number of browser extensions available that help provide one-click access to the full text of eJournal articles - either an article that the University of Birmingham subscribes to, or a secure, legal Open Access version. As well as the one-click access offering quick and direct access to electronic articles, these browser extensions are especially useful when discovery of an electronic journal article has taken place outside of FindIt@Bham (e.g. during a Google search), and the article discovered is locked behind a paywall.

At University of Birmingham we recommend students, researchers and academic staff use one of two available browser extensions:

This guide will provide you with everything you need for getting started with your preferred browser - from installation to how to use it.

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