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Finding Official Publications

Europa: Gateway to the European Union

Europa is the official website of the European Union with documents in all the languages of the EU.  Below are a few of the useful areas which can be found on this portal. 

  • European Council - Sets the general political direction and priorities of the European Union
  • European Parliament - Members of the European Parliament (MEPs) are directly elected by EU voters every five years
  • European Commission - Appointed Commissioners and the EU’s civil service. The Commission proposes EU legislation and checks it is properly applied across the EU. Works in the interests of the EU as a whole
  • Court of Justice of the European Communities - EU law courts
  • Legislation and Treaties - Search the listed databases for specific EU laws or learn about different legislative procedures. Find information on the procedures for legal cooperation between EU governments
  • The Official Journal of the European Union - The only authoritative publication of EU legislation and changes in it.  Series L is Legislation, and Series C is Information and Notices.

Europa can sometimes be difficult to navigate so if you already know of a particular document you want to find, a general search engine such as Google is a quick and effective way to find information.  To ensure you only get relevant information when searching with Google, go to Advanced Search and put into 'Search within a site or domain', this will limit your results to Europa pages only.

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