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Finding Official Publications

The Stationery Office

The Stationery Office
Although  this  is  a  commercial  enterprise  trying  to  sell  you  publications,  it  is  still  useful  for  tracking down bibliographic details, command papers numbers, etc.

For older materials you can use the HMSO/Stationery Office Annual Catalogues, which  cover almost  all  official  publications  from  1920  onwards,  located  in  the Research Reserve Social Science Reference Z 2009.E6


GOV.UK is the main hub for access to government information and services.

The publications page of the website lists material can be filtered according to department, date published, publication type and topic. 

Click here to access the latest publications on GOV.UK

You can stay up to date with news and developments related to government publications by signing up for email alerts at this site.

The Libraries of the House of Commons and the House of Lords

The Libraries of the House of Commons and the House of Lords provide research, analysis and information services for MPs, members of the House of Lords and their staff. Research Briefings are a useful - and independent - summary of information related to legislation:

Parliament TV

Parliament TV offers audio and audio-visual coverage of Parliamentary debates, committees and other proceedings.

You can search the archive of broadcasts here:

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