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Google Scholar

This guide looks at the advantages and disadvantages of using Google Scholar

Advanced search

The Advanced Search option will enable you to search for specific keywords, restrict your search to article title, broad subject area, date, etc, as well as well as look for articles by particular authors. To do an advanced search in Google Scholar, simply click on the Menu [three short lines] in the top left and select 'Advanced search'.  This produces a pop-up with several options for entering your search terms, such as exact phrase, as well as narrowing by date, author.

Google Scholar Advanced Search pop-up screen

Note that it is possible to use more than one search line in this advanced search pop-up. 

For example, to identify conference papers on the performing arts:

  • In the line 'with all of the words', enter "performing arts"
  • In 'with the exact phrase', enter conference report
  • Then perform the search

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