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Clinical Knowledge Summaries and NICE guidance

NICE guidance,


The National Insitute for Health and Care Excellence (NICE) has a specific Guidance page with a range of browsing or search options for their guidance and related material.

NICE Guidance search and browse web page view

Filters are available to narrow material to, for example, NICE Guidelines (Guidance programme filter) or Guidance (Product type).  The following example is for NICE products on Covid-19.

NICE Guidance filters view for Covid-19 products


Note that official guidance for the UK can also be found by searching the Government website  Search using keywords then filter using Topic and sub-topic as required.

For example: guidance AND Covid-19; filter using Health and Social Care (topic), Public health (sub-topic).

Search example view on

This will retrieve information from a wide range of government agencies and organisations.

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