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Working from home: be well!

Online options

Various software is available to help keep in touch with friends, colleagues, relatives while mostly isolated.

These are some possibilities:

Jitsi - open source video conferencing. 

Skype - longest-serving distance or possibly group-calls.  Skype for Business is slightly different, requires a licence, and does not interact with Skype 'ordinary'.

Starleaf - check your workplace, as this may require a subscription.

Zoom - online video conferencing tool, which has become very popular recently.  Some security caveats.  Meetings of more than two people are limited to about 40 minutes on the free service. 

For your phone, there are the usual Face Time and other alternatives: check Google Play, Apple store or wherever you find these.  Snapchat, Insta(gram), What's App, the usual 'socials' are out there of course. 

See this Guardian article (Paul, 2020) about video conferencing.


Paul, K. (2020) 'Worried about Zoom's privacy problems? A guide to your videoconferencing options,', The Guardian, 9 April.  Available at: (Accessed 9 April 2020)




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