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Covid-19 resources


US WebMD: introduction

Health Education England

Data including daily updates 

UK Law

Coronavirus diseases

Earlier Coronavirus diseases to Covid-19

About Coronavirus

Epidemiology, Viruses and Vaccines

Epidemiology, Viruses and Vaccines

For more information, see other pages on this guide, such as Vaccines and Regulation.

Reference sources

Useful reference works for medical topics.  For the most up-to-date information, journals, databases and key sources such as the WHO should be consulted.

Encyclopedia of Life Sciences (opens in new tab). Requires University of Birmingham login.  

Medical Dictionary (opens in new tab).  From the online resource (open site).

Medlineplus (opens in new tab).  "Trusted health information".  From the National Library of Medicine in the USA (open site).

Oxford Textbook of Medicine (opens in new tab).   Requires University of Birmingham login. 

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