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Getting Started

ResourceLists@Bham is the University’s reading list system, making access to the resources you need for your modules much easier. This guide shows you how to make the most of your lists. It also shows you how to expand your information finding skills and widen your reading for when you need to do your own research. Use the index on the right to find your way around all the aspects of managing and staying on top of your reading.

How do I find the resource list for my module?

In many cases your Tutors will have embedded the list into your Canvas module, but you can also find your lists by going to the Resourcelist@Bham homepage

Log in using your University of Birmingham ID and password in order to be able to annotate your lists.

Search for the name of your module or lecturer in the  search box to find your resource list.

Can't find your resource list?

Please let us know if a resource list for your module is not on the system by emailing

Navigating your lists

Watch this video or read the notes below to find your way around your resource lists:


Navigation buttons

Use the Table of Contents to navigate your way around the list

Use the filters to select a specific type of resource, for example,  'essential videos'

Choose your preferred citation style but be aware that in some cases the style might not match the version of the style used here at the University of Birmingham so always take care to proofread your references.

Linking to the resources  

Click on the title of a book to see how many print copies there are and where they are.  If the book is available as an ebook use the View Online button to open it.

Personalising your lists

Click on the circle next to each title to set your reading intentions so you can keep track of what you have read and how much reading you have yet to do.

Click on the three dots and choose from the following options:

  • Add personal notes which cannot be seen by other people
  • Add the item to your bookmarks tab

You can also

  • Share a link to the item
  • Report a fault
  • Download a RIS file

Student feedback

“It's easier to view readings on a lecture by lecture basis. I found it very useful – I like how it enables you to select the reading status of each material.”

Undergraduate, Geography, Earth and Environmental Sciences.


Watch this video interview with Ella Hawkins PhD graduate student from The Shakespeare Institute  

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