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Reading strategies: A short guide

Reading logs

Keep a record of all your academic reading noting topics covered, arguments and viewpoints, strengths and weaknesses   etc. Note down all the information you will need to cite the item in your work including page numbers and the date you accessed a website. (Use reference management  software to manage your references.)

You might also like to keep a reading log of your leisure reading. This should be separate from your academic log. This will enable you to see not only what you liked and didn't like, and what surprised and challenged you, but also may enable you to see themes and trends in your choice of reading and your relationship with any issues raised in the books you have read.

The benefits of keeping a reading log from   Verily Mag

Reading intentions in ResourceLists

Did you know you can personalise you ResourceLists to keep track of your reading intention?   See our ResourceLists@Bham Guide.

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