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How Can We Learn Effectively?

Guidance on effective strategies for learning at University

Learning as part of the every day

blank crossword puzzleLearning is something that should simply be enjoyable and part of your every day life, alongside your studies.

Developing a regular habit of learning more generally will also only help you to develop good learning habits for your studies too. Here are some suggestions of how to 'learn' as part of your every day:

  • Listen to the radio or a podcast whilst doing something else
  • Talk to a friend about your studies, or topical issues while you walk.
  • Ask questions!
  • Read widely
  • Watch documentaries and discuss them with friends and family afterwards
  • Do puzzles
  • Learn a new language (you mind find apps such as duolingo or the Coffeebreak Languages podcasts helpful)
  • Try a new hobby- develop skills, commitment, team work, enjoyment!

What else have you tried and enjoyed learning outside your studies? Let us know!

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