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How Can We Learn Effectively?

Guidance on effective strategies for learning at University

Your learning and your health

glass of waterMore important than anything when it comes to learning, however, is ensuring that you are looking after your  health and wellbeing. Every aspect of your learning will then be so much easier if you are feeling healthy, happy and relaxed. Despite the challenges that can sometimes come with studying, your time at University should be an exciting, fun and novel time in your life, and everyone wants you to enjoy it as much as possible.

University wellbeing support offers a wide range of advice on looking after yourself whilst studying, but some key things to remember:

  • Plan your time so that you can take plenty of breaks when learning. You might like to try time management techniques such as the pomodoro method to help you study in short, efficient intervals.
  • Eat and drink well (particularly lots of water!)
  • Exercise regularly
  • Develop a regular study routine if you can- this will help get you into good habits and ensure your sleeping pattern is regular.
  • Connect with others. Share your experiences, questions and concerns with others.You will meet so many different and interesting people at University. Learning together, and from each other, is all part of the fun!
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