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Using good quality resources and citing them correctly will enhance the quality of your work.

This guide brings together key resources in your subject.

Using this guide

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The following links will take you to our other guides looking at:

  • Using FindIt: FindIt@Bham gives you access to information about all the Library's resources from one location.  This includes books, journal articles, theses, audio-visual materials, databases, archives and much more.
  • Guide to Effective Searching:  This will give you tips on how to use keywords in a logical and consistent way so as to find the best results when searching any information database.
  • Referencing:  This gives all the information you need to be able to cite your references correctly in your written work.
  • The Academic Skills Gateway: Further help and advice on finding and referencing information, academic writing and digital skills

The Editor of this Guide is Paula Anne Goodall

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