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English Language and Linguistics

Guide to library resources in English Language and Linguistics


Welcome to the English Language and Linguistics Subject Pages

This page brings together key resources for the students of English Language and Linguistic. Use the tabs at the side to help you find books, ebooks, articles, journals and more.


"Linguistics" :This image from Marco Verch (trendingtopics) is available under Creative Commons 2.0.    original photo  and the license 

Getting Started

Depending on the level or stage you have reached in the investigation of your topic, you may want to use the following tabs on the left:

  • Finding Books and Ebooks:  to read around your topic and ensure that you have a balanced overview of your topic and its contents.  Use FindIt as shown in the panel below.
  • Finding Journal Articles:  Use the bibliographical databases suggested behind this link to find academic journal articles, conference papers, reports and other items which provide the latest in-depth discussion of your topic.
  • Specialist Resources:  This link will suggest some specialist resources in your subject, including encyclopedias and reference works.
  • Guide to Effective Searching:  This will give you tips on how to use keywords in a logical and consistent way so as to find the best results when searching any information database.
  • iCite:  This gives all the information you need to be able to cite your references correctly in your written work.

Resources to get you started

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