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Finding Newspapers


“Newspapers B&W (3)” taken by Jon S.  Downloaded 01/12/14.  Available from Flickr under a Creative Commons licence.

This page brings together key resources for locating newspaper articles. Use the tabs above to help you navigate around the guide.

image “Newspapers B&W (3)” taken by Jon S.  Downloaded 01/12/14.  Available from Flickr under a Creative Commons licence.

Pick up a paper

Main Library

The following daily papers can be found in the Library Lounge on the ground floor of the Main Library: Daily Telegraph, Saturday Telegraph, Sunday Telegraph , Times Financial The Times, Sunday Times, The Guardian, The Observer,  Times Higher Education

 A larger range of papers are kept on the Third Floor with older copies as microfilms.

Why use newspapers?

Daily newspapers are an important source of information on current events, opinions, theatre, film and book reviews and obituaries, but do be aware that they are aimed at a general audience and written by journalists rather than experts.  Newspaper articles can be inaccurate and can often be biased in support of a particular point of view or political party so they need to be used with caution.

Back issues of newspapers can also be useful as historical source material. Archival content is usually on a separate website from current content so you may have to look in several places.  

General Newspapers Databases

Newspaper articles can be searched for by using certain indexing databases, for example:

  • Some databases such as 19th Century British Library newspapers specialise in historic newspapers
  • Some general databases such as Humanities Index regularly index newspaper as well as journal articles
  • Some databases such as Nexis Advance UK specialise in up to date newspaper articles.

Nexis Advance UK  is primarily a business and legal information database, but one of its major features is a substantial corpus of full-text British, European and US newspapers. From the Sources drop-down menu on the search screen you can select specific categories of newspapers such as UK national or regional newspapers.  The More Sources link allows you to select newspapers in specific languages or individual newspaper titles to search. Nexis UK currently has newspapers in Danish, Dutch, French, German, Italian, Portuguese and Spanish (including South American).The full text files of most newspapers go back over the last 10-20 years.

British Newspapers

The following links take you to the websites for these newspapers. Most will have some articles available to read for free but other articles may have to be paid for. Many will also be available from Nexis Advance UK.

Belfast telegraph

The Daily Record and Sunday Mail

The Financial Times

The Guardian

The Independent

Irish Independent

The Irish News

The Irish Times

The Scotsman

The Telegraph

The Times and Sunday Times

The Times Educational Supplement (TES)

The Times Higher Education Supplement

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