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Finding Newspapers


“Newspapers B&W (3)” taken by Jon S.  Downloaded 01/12/14.  Available from Flickr under a Creative Commons licence.This page brings together key resources for locating newspaper articles.
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There is also a Canvas course on Finding and Using Newspapers which you might like to try.

image “Newspapers B&W (3)” taken by Jon S.  Downloaded 01/12/14.  Available from Flickr under a Creative Commons licence.

Why use newspapers?

Daily newspapers are an important source of information on current events, opinions, theatre, film and book reviews and obituaries, but do be aware that they are aimed at a general audience and written by journalists rather than experts.  Newspaper articles can be inaccurate and can often be biased in support of a particular point of view or political party so they need to be used with caution.

Back issues of newspapers can also be useful as historical source material. Archival content is usually on a separate website from current content so you may have to look in several places.  

The Main Library received copies of the main national newspapers in print form up until March 2020.  They are now filed on the Third Floor, some in archived microfilm format.

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