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Finding History Records

A guide to historical records located on the Third Floor of the Main Library

Other records

The History Records collection forms part of the History Reference Collections, located in Zone 3A  on the Third Floor of the Main Library. They are arranged in shelfmark order beginning DA 25

Catalogue of Ancient Deeds, vols 1-6 DA 25.F1 - 24

Dating from before the reign of Elizabeth I (later deeds were compiled as Modern Deeds), this catalogue contains many charters and deeds between private persons, including those of religious houses which were taken over by the State following the dissolution of the monasteries.

Domesday Book, vols 1-2 f DA 25.F5

Harleian Miscellany DA 35.H3-1808

12 volumes of collected manuscripts, letters, pamphlets and other writings from the collection of the Earl of Oxford. An index to the content is filed with the volumes.

Monumenta Germaniae Historica (c 200 vols) DD 3.M8/9

This series contains medieval texts relating to Germany, Austria and Switzerland, dating from between 500 and 1500 AD. Begun in 1824, it is divided into five sections: chronicles (Scriptores), laws (Leges), charters (Diplomata), letters (Epistolae), and writings of antiquarian interest (Antiquitates). It now represents an almost complete library of source materials for medieval German history, and contains texts relevant to France, Italy, the Low Countries, and Great Britain, as well as to Germany and Central Europe.
PRO lists and indexes published by the List and Index Society, vols 1-277 and special series, vols 1-29 q DA 25.F2A1

Public Record Office (PRO) lists q DA 25.F2A1

These contain indexes to a vast range of manuscripts and papers in the Public Record Office. Similar material can also often be found in periodicals (especially wills) – use a bibliographic index such as the Royal Historical Society Bibliography (available via the Library) to locate details.

Reports of the Historical Manuscripts Commission DA 25.M1

Numbering about 170 volumes, this series details manuscripts and papers housed in private collections in stately homes of the UK. An index to what is included can be found in two volumes at DA 25.M1-17

Rymer's Foedera 17 vols q JX 639

Compiled in the 18th century, this is a collection of State Papers, manuscripts and documents dating from the Norman Conquest to the 18th century. It was intended to focus on English foreign relations, but ended up being much broader and more eclectic in its final version.

Syllabus (in English) of the documents contained in ... 'Rymer's Foedera' DA 25.F1
Details, in three volumes, the content of Rymer’s Foedera above.

Report [later called Annual Report] of the Deputy Keeper of the Public Records, 1840-1963
q DA 25.F2A1

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