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Finding information for Pharmacy

MPharm 1

Sources - overview


There will be a range of quality resources for you to use in academic work.  Recommended text books; lecture slides and notes from tutors, probably on Canvas; organisational websites; journal articles from peer-reviewed academic or clinical journals in the health and medical fields.  Resources on FindIt@Bham are available to UoB students by signing in with individual University logins. 


Text books

May be listed on:

  • Canvas
  • Resource lists (which may also be in Canvas pages)
  •  FindIt@Bham (searchable by title keywords, author etc: always check for newest editions first)
    • Clinical Key Student is a platform with many resources including text books. Set up  an individual account first.  Access via FindIt@Bham
    • Medicines Complete hosts a number of key pharmacy reference sources such as the British National Formulary (BNF).  Access via FindIt@Bham
    • British Pharmacopoeia is also available on FindIt@Bham

Journal Articles

  • Canvas
  • Resource lists (may be shown in Canvas pages)
  • FindIt@Bham (try the Article Search in drop-down menu)
  • Via databases such as Medline, Embase or PsycInfo which index journal articles in biomedical, pharmaceutical and psychology areas respectively: all accessed via entries on FindIt@Bham

Lecture notes and other course material

Other websites and internet sources

  • Always follow recommendations by your tutors, which may also be on Resource lists.  You may also find recommendations in text books and academic journal articles  

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