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EndNote Online - Getting Started

How to import your records

If you are an Alumnus from an HEI other than the University of Birmingham and have access to a RefWorks account, you can continue to use it under the auspices of that institutions agreement or you can transfer your records to EndNote Online.

However, when making your decision please be aware that if you encounter any issues with RefWorks the ASC is not in a position to assist you.

Transferring Your Records

References stored in RefWorks can be either transferred in bulk i.e. the entire library, or by individually named folders one at a time.

Transferring by folder by folder allows the file structure set up in RefWorks to then be replicated in named Groups in Endnote Online: the numbers of results being transferred will also be more manageable.

Panopto video recording (including subtitles). Sign in to CANVAS in a separate tab or window to enable viewing. 

Open RefWorks

  1. Select Share at the top of the screen,then select Export references in the drop-down menu
  2. Save the resulting file to desktop or wherever it can be easily retrieved

Open Endnote Online

  1. Go to Collect references – import references
  2. Go to the folder which you wish to export to
  3. If you wish to transfer all your RefWorks references at once, go to All References (top left) and proceed from there: however, note that this may generate a large file and take longer
  4. This should default to all the references in that folder
  5. If you only wish to export some of the references, go back to the folder and select those required
  6. Select RIS format in the menu and Export
  7. Locate and choose the RIS file just downloaded
  8. Select RefMan RIS as Import Option
  9. Choose group to transfer to in Endnote Online (if already set up) or choose New Group and name this appropriately
  10. Select OK to transfer references from the RefWorks RIS  file into Endnote Online

Starting to use EndNote Online

Now you are ready to use the software our Guide to EndNote Online will help you to make use of all the features in your referencing tasks, including synchronising with Word to cite while you write.

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