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Annotated Bibliographies: A short guide

Top tips

Always check your project brief to find out what you are required to do and ask your tutor if you are unsure. The following tips are generic: 

  • Annotated bibliographies are usually arranged in alphabetical order of citations. Long bibliographies or bibliographies covering several topics may be arranged into sections by theme. However, check that this is permissible for your assignment.  
  • Each citation should include all the key bibliographic information you would include in an ordinary bibliography or reference list laid out in a recognised style e.g .Harvard
  • The annotations are usually indented.
  • The annotation is a single paragraph of 100-300 words
  • You should write using the present tense and third person and active voice and use academic vocabulary just as you would in an essay e.g. “The author identifies significant trends.”
  • You may either write using full sentences or in concise phrases but check your project brief to find out what is permissible for your assignment.

For information on how to reference we recommend you use Cite Them Right Online  and the i-Cite Guide

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