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Annotated Bibliographies: A short guide

Using EndNote Online

You can use the Bibliography function in EndNote Online to create a standalone bibliography, however, if you wish to create an annotated bibliography extra steps may be involved. For instructions on how to create a standalone bibliography see the section on Standalone Bibliographies in the EndNote Online Guide

Using APA

If you have been asked to create your bibliography in APA Style  you can add your annotations in the Research Notes field and select 'APA 6th-Annotated' or 'APA 7th-Annotated' from the list of styles.

Using other styles 

Not all styles offer an annotated version. In these cases you should:

1. Add your annotations into Research Notes field

2. Create the standalone bibliography in Word using the style of your choice 

3. Cut and past the annotations from each research notes field in EndNote Online into the appropriate place in the bibliography in Word.  

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