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Finding Literature, Financial & Market Data for Your Dissertation

Other databases for Accounting & Finance programmes

MarketLine provides access to company, country and industry intelligence as well as news and case studies. With over 3,500 industry profiles, 30,000 company profiles and 110 country profiles the resource also includes Financial Deals as well as Consumer Statistics and Market Data Analytics databases.

  • In the central search box type in a topic of your choice or try mobile technology and click on ‘Q'
  • On the next screen you will see the results which have matched your search criteria. Across the top of the screen you will see the following tabs: Industry Profiles / Theme Reports / Company Profiles / Case Studies / Analyst Insights /  Analyst Comment / Company News / Financial Deals.
  • Click on the Company Profiles tab and choose a company profile of interest. You can view different parts of the report or the full PDF. Every Company Profile contains similar types of information, so have a browse through and see the sort of thing these reports contain.
  • Repeat the process for the Industry Proflles tab. Every Industry Profile contains similar types of information, so have a browse through and see the sort of thing these reports contain.
  • Repeat the process for the Financial Deals tab. You can find tear sheets for each of the deals with an overview, deal participants, deal overview and brief company information for the acquirer and target companies.
  • Look through the Case Studies tab. This is a relatively new addition to MarketLine.


Within each of the tabs, you can refine the results down further using the “Refine Your Search” menu on the right of each of the screens. For example in the Companies section you may wish to narrow your results to companies having an annual revenue of 2,000 million USD or look for a further keyword within the results which have been returned.

  • Return to the home page. Hover over the “Databases” entry point and select “Country Statistics
  • Select one or more countries (e.g. United Kingdom and France) and then an indicator (e.g. Healthcare >  Expenditure > Total ). The results will appear on the right-hand side of your screen. Note the Display Options tab where you can change the date range over which data is provided and also where you can change the frequency. You can also Edit Axes and Items. You can also change Visualisation Types  (pie chart, spreadsheet etc.) by clicking on More.  Note the output from this can be exported to Excel, PowerPoint or Word.
  • Return to the home page. Hover over the “Databases” entry point and select “Market Data Analytics
  • Select a category Value Data by Country and start to look for global market data for Artisanal ice cream in the United Kingdom. Select the following options:
    • Continent - West Europe
    • Country - United Kingdom
    • Sector - Food
    • Market - Ice Cream
    • Category - Artisanal Ice Cream 
  • You will then see the results. You can manipulate how your data is displayed using the “Manipulate Table” options as well as the icons for displaying the information graphically. Or you can build your search in the Volume Graphics option.
  • If you are interested in deals, investments, screening companies etc. you may be interested in some of the new modules added within the “Databases” section of MarketLine. These are: “Financial Deals Tracker”, “Company Prospector”, “Investment and Advisory Prospector” and “Company Report Generator” and “City Statistics”. More on each of these MarketLine databases at:

For further help please look at the MarketLine Advantage User Guide (external PDF)


The Nexis Advance UK database contains the full text of newspapers from across the world as well as UK national and local newspapers (full-text as far back as the mid-1980s depending on the newspaper). The database also contains fully searchable company information and reports. Information regarding a particular country can also be found in this database. Use the Databases link (within FindIt@Bham) to locate this resource.

  • Once inside Nexis Advance UK select Power Search
  • In the first box enter a search term (or terms – these can be combined using Boolean logic) of your choice into the search box.
  • Select your dates
  • Use the ‘Geography’ option to limit by country or region. 
  • For example search for articles mentioning train* AND (“high speed 2” OR HS2) from the United Kingdom in the previous 6 months. How many articles are found? Which of the broadsheet newspapers contain the most coverage (you can find this out by looking at the Publication Name links from the left-hand menu)? Follow some of the hyperlinks to the full-text of the articles.

Activity 6b: Financial Times

The Financial Times Historical Archive provides electronic full-text access to The Financial Times from 1888 to 2010. This world renowned daily business newspaper covers global financial and economics issues as well as topic such as industry, international politics, management and personal finance. Accessible by typing ‘Financial Times Historical Archive’ into Databases (Nb: for more recent editions; i.e. issues published between 2011 and 2016 - with the exception of issues published in the last month - type Financial Times into Databases and select ‘Financial Times 1996+ (ProQuest)’).

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