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Shakespeare and Renaissance Literature

Subject support from Library Services for staff and students in Shakespeare and Renaissance Literature.


Welcome to the Shakespeare and Renaissance Literature Subject Pages



This page brings together key resources for the students of Shakespeare and Renaissance Literature

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Getting Started

Here are a few important resources to help you on your way:

A guide to useful classmarks

 Shakespeare - PR 2750 – PR 3112

PR2752 – PR 2755 – Modern editions of the plays. (N.B. the Main Library shelves these with criticism)

PR 2801 – PR 2839 – Criticism of individual plays in alphabetical order, All’s Well That Ends Well – The Winter’s Tale

PR 2894 – Biographies of Shakespeare

PR 2981 – PR 2985 – Criticism of plays by genre: Comedies, Late plays, Histories, Tragedies, Groups of plays

PR 2987 – Teaching Shakespeare, Shakespeare in education

PR 3071 – Textual criticism, editing Shakespeare

PR 3091 – Shakespeare in performance, general works

PR 3093 – Shakespeare on film and television

PR 3095 – Shakespeare in performance in the Elizabethan period

PR 3100 – Shakespeare in performance, modern

PR 3105 – PR 3109 – Shakespeare in performance in specific countries (PR 3105 is USA)


 Other Renaissance dramatists

  PR 2411 – PR 2749 – Anonymous works and authors A – S

  PR 3135 – PR 3195 – Authors S – Z


  General criticism of Renaissance drama 

PR 651 (general) and PR 658 (alphabetical by topic)


General criticism of Renaissance literature (includes prose and poetry)

PR 421 (general) and PR 428 (alphabetical by topic)


  Drama - PN

PN 2061 – PN 2071 – acting: method acting, movement, speech etc.

PN 2575 – PN 2599 – history of British theatre

PN 2589 – PN 2590 – Renaissance theatre: boy actors, Lord Chamberlain’s Men etc.

PN 2596 – theatre in specific towns: PN 2596.L7 – London, PN 2596.S7 – Stratford

PN 2598 – biographies of British actors

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