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CINAHL and EndNote Online: Tutorial

Part 1: Planning your search

First, be clear about your topic.  Try writing out the title and breaking this down into key areas, using a template.

Template for planning a search.  Box at top for entering the topic.  Table in centre for breaking the topic into constituent parts: here; treatment, cancer, personalized medicine.  Space under each header for alternative terms: eg, neoplasms for cancer.  Section at end for noting limits: eg age group, publication date, publication type such as review articles.

Now try to plan a search with your own topic: or choose one of the following:

1. Mental health resilience for nurses working in intensive care units

2. GP Practice nurses' role in NHS vaccination campaigns

3. Health education programmes to reduce fear of childbirth in pregnant women

Use the Word document attached under the previous tab to enter your terms.

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