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CINAHL and EndNote Online: Tutorial

Part 2: FindIt@Bham

Getting Started with FindIt@Bham

FindIt@Bham (FindIt) is the onilne gateway to electronic and print resources such as books, journals and databases provided for students and staff at the University of Birmingham.  Sign In with your UoB login for full access to resources.

Watch this Panopto video introduction (includes sub-titles) from the Academic Skills Centre.

Further help with FindIt@Bham from Library Services

Finding Library resources on FindIt@Bham


Panopto video on locating a book using FindIt@Bham (includes sub-titles):


  • The Article Search feature on FindIt@Bham is a useful way of locating some journal articles quickly on your topic.  However, it does not search across all the resources available, and will not be sufficient for a more detailed literature or systematic review.  For these, you should use a database such as CINAHL, which is covered in the next section of this guide
  • If you wish to look at just one journal, such as the Nursing Standard or British Medical Journal (BMJ), then select Library Catalogue from the drop-down menu by the search bar on FindIt@Bham and search by journal title
  • Now watch the Panopto video below (includes sub-titles)

Search techniques

Boolean and other features

  • 'AND' narrows a search to material about separate aspects of the topic, not just one or other

  • 'OR' broadens a search: think of 'either OR'; it brings synoyms or alternatives together

  • In a FindIt@Bham advanced search, the drop-down to the left of the second and further search bars is set to 'AND'

    • This can be changed if required

  • Boolean operators can be used within a single search line, such as: academic OR university OR student 

Filters on a FindIt@Bham search

  • Note the filters on the right of the list of results

  • Try using, for example, Peer-reviewed journals under Availability


Favourites in FindIt?

  • Note that you can click the pin icon to the right of any result in FindIt, to save it to your Favourites.

  • Then select the pin icon at the top right of the screen to view these Favourites.

  • These will be visible as long as you are signed in to FindIt with your University login. 

Book Search

Search for the book / ebook "Nursing: the ultimate study guide (Singh)"

  • Find the latest edition, and browse the contents pages of the ebook (ie the online copy)

Article Search

First: select the Advanced Search option by the right of the main search bar.

  • In the drop-down menu, select Article Search.

  • Search using keywords from your own topic: refer to the previous section on Planning a search

  • Or: try the following search in the on-screen search bars:



Vaccination or immunization

  • Tip: try changing "Any field" at the left of each search bar to "Title": this will search for the keywords in article titles only
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