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Medline and EndNote Online: basics

Part 3C: EndNote Online and Word

Cite While you Write 


  • Cite while you Write is a plug-in which enables you to insert citations and references lists from Endnote Online directly into Word documents

  • The Cite while You Write plug-in should already be installed in campus PCs at the University of Birmingham

    • Make sure that this is set to Endnote Online and not Endnote Desktop: this can be found in Preferences in the Endnote tab in Word (see further down this page)

In Endnote Online:

  • To install Cite while you Write on your own laptop or PC, open your Endnote Online account and go to:

    • 'Format' - 'Cite while you Write plugin'

    • Or: 'Downloads' - and follow the 'Cite while you Write' instructions on that page

  • This will involve downloading an .exe file to open, with options to install Cite while you Write and / or the Capture Reference tool for generating reference entries from web pages: always include Cite while you Write

  • When asked for your email and password, these should always be your University email and the password you set up for your Endnote Online account (or account with the Web of Science platform which hosts Endnote Online)

  • Download instructions are provided for both Windows and MAC computers

In Word:

Now open Word and you should see an EndNote tab on the ribbon at the top of the screen

  • Go to Preferences - Application

  • Select Endnote Online and enter your Uni email and Endnote / Web of Science account password

  • Enter your Endnote Online subscription should have:

  • Click OK for these Preferences


Referencing Styles

When you have installed the Plug-In and have the EndNote Online tab in Word you should find a range of referencing styles available to you via the drop-down styles menu. If the style you require is not listed click on Select Another Style to see the full list.

If you find that your styles drop-down menu is empty, or you would like a tailored list of styles, you can choose which style(s) you would like from within EndNote Online (web).

  • In EndNote Online click on the Format tab Bibliography
  • Click on Select Favorites 
  • Scroll through the list of styles, highlight and click Copy to Favorites to create your own list

You should now see these styles available to you in your own version of Word.

Panopto video from the Academic Skills Centre, University of Birmingham: includes sub-titles.Sign in to Canvas in a separate tab or window to enable viewing.

Insert in-text citations in Word

From the EndNote tab in Word;choose Insert Citation - Find Citation. This opens up a dialogue box where you can search for a reference by author, title or keyword. Highlight the desired reference and click on Insert.

Use the drop-down options from Insert to add any page numbers required, for example.

Reference List

This also generates a reference list at the end of the document with the full details according to the referencing style chosen.

Note that for Vancouver style, you will need to edit the journal titles in the reference list entries: see the Vancouver style tab in this section for details.

Editing Citations

To change the output style you can select an alternative from the drop down Style box in Word. The changes will be instant.

To edit citations you must use command options available in EN or Word - if you try to edit the body of the text in Word, the changes will not be permanently stored. Place your cursor in the reference to be amended then click on Edit Citation(s).

You can select to Exclude Year, and/or Author, if you have already mentioned these in the body of your text.

You can add information in the Prefix or Suffix fields, for instance in the prefix or page numbers in the suffix fields.

Please note: do not use the Pages field for page numbers unless you know that your style uses this field. If you are unsure use the Suffix field and enter the page(s) as you would like it to appear in the citation, e,g, p.1.

Create a standalone bibliography with EndNote Online

Panopto video from Academic Skills Centre, University of Birmingham (includes subtitles). Sign in to Canvas in a separate tab or window to enable viewing. 

If you want to create a quick bibliography or you don't use Word, you can create a bibliography from EndNote online.

From the Format menu tab, click on Bibliography.

  • Choose the options for your Bibliography
  • Click Preview & Print to see the Bibliography
  • It is very easy to change Bibliographic styles. You can select favourite styles using the Select Favorites link 
  • Vancouver style: you will need to replace the full journal title in the bibliography or reference list with the abbreviated form available by searching the National Library of Medicine Catalog (journals search page)

Vancouver Style

Panopto video from Academic Skills Centre, University of Birmingham (includes subtitles).

The Vancouver referencing style uses abbreviated titles for journals.  These abbreviations are not included in EndNote Online, so if you working with Vancouver, you will need to edit the individual references in the reference list to change the full journal title to the abbreviated form.

To do so, highlight and remove each journal title in your final reference list or bibliography, and replace the title with the abbreviation.  You can find the recognized abbreviations by using the journal title to search the National Library of Medicine Catalog, journals page

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