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Finding information for Health Economics

Activity 2: Using FindIt@Bham for Journal Articles

Panopto video above from Library Services (includes sub-titles)

Journals and journal articles

This sections covers general article searching across resources on FindIt@Bham, including locating specific articles or journals

  • For a structured search for articles as part of a systematic or other literature review, you should use databases such as Web of Science or those provided by Ovid, EBSCO, ProQuest: see following sections in this guide for examples.

Finding journal articles: article search on FindIt@Bham

Journal articles are an important source of information for your research because academic journals are where researchers publish their most recent findings and discuss their ideas in detail.  It may be several years before these ideas are published in book form.

Go to FindIt@Bham - and sign in at the top right with your University login (username and password).

  • In the drop-down menu at the end of the central search bar, choose Article Search
  • You can use Article Search to find a particular article or to do a basic literature search.  Try doing both now.  Search for the following article:

Example: Mevorach, C., (2010) Ignoring the elephant in the room: a neural circuit to downregulate salience.  The Journal of Neuroscience, Vol.30(17), p.6072-9,

  • If you have a full reference it is useful to type in some keywords from the title along with the family name of the author or perhaps the title of the journal. 
  • Remember to select ArticleSearch from the drop-down menu
  • In your results list you will see that the keywords and phrases you used are underlined in yellow

Article records in FindIt for the required article


  • Click View Full Text to get to the full text of this article. 

Now try a more general subject search for an area of interest to you.  Don’t forget to use the post-search refine options on the right-hand column of the FindIt@Bham screen when you see your results. 

  • See the section below for advice on locating a whole journal on FindIt

Online journals - specific titles

  • To find and browse a specific journal online, go to FindIt and choose the Online Items option in the drop-down menu at the end of the search bar.
  • Then enter the journal title in the search bar, not the title of an article.  For example, the Journal of Rehabilitation Research and Development.
  • In the list of results, locate the ejournal (online) record.  NB: check for the date range in the record, as there may be more than one record covering different years.

FindIt result screen for a journal


  • Click on View Online to see which years we have online and to find the links to the full text of the electronic journal
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