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Finding information for Health Economics

Activity 5: Using databases - Ovid group

Sample search on Embase: Panopto video (includes sub-titles).

Ovid overview

The Ovid platform has databases central to any effective literature search in medical and health subjects.  All Ovid databases are listed on the initial menu page reached by selecting the database link from FindIt@Bham: select the required database and proceed.

NB: select one database only at a time.  This enables full functions available.

Literature searching

For information and videos on these databases, see our Literature Searching guide, Ovid database activities:

Sample search using Ovid Medline

Cost-effectiveness of vaccination for Covid-19.

This includes the use of Medical Subject Headings (MeSH) as well as simple keyword searching. 

  • MeSH are exploded to include any narrower headings nested within the broader terms
  • In the default Advanced Search screen, a keyword search will automatically direct the user towards possible MeSH unless the box 'Map term to subject heading' is un-ticked
  • MeSH definitions can be confirmed using the 'i' Scope note and by clicking directly on the term to show the subject tree or hierarchy of terms

Each line of search is carried out separately and connected after with OR for alternatives, then AND to narrow the search to find articles about all the included aspects, not just one aspect on its own. 

  1. Covid-19 - MeSH, exploded.
  2. Costs and cost analysis - MeSH, exploded. (An alternative could be the narrower MeSH 'Cost-benefit analysis')
  3. Immunization - MeSH, exploded. (An alternative could be the narrower MeSH 'Vaccination')
  4. vaccin* - freetext keyword search: has broader coverage than MeSH
  5. 3 OR 4.
  6. 1 AND 2 AND 5

Limits: using 'Additional Limits', 'Systematic Reviews' was selected within 'Publication Types'.

Medline cost effectiveness search history screen view

Individual results, or sets of results, can be selected and exported, for example as an RIS file for upload into EndNote Online.  Search histories can be saved for later re-running by using the Save All option: Register for an account on Ovid to enable this feature.

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