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Finding information for Health Economics

Activity 4: Using databases - EBSCO group

Watch the  Panopto video below from Academic Skills Centre (includes sub-titles) on literature searching using the CINAHL database.  Note that CINAHL uses Medical subject Headings (MH) or indexing terms which will not be present in EconLit or Business Source Premier.

The following is a sample search on an EBSCO database: in this case, EconLit.

  • Covid-19 or Sars-Cov2 or "novel coronavirus" or nCov19


  • vaccin*


  • cost-benefit OR cost-utility OR "economic evaluation" or cost-effective*

This can be performed either by entering all three lines on the main page, with the default AND automatically connecting each line.

A  more systematic approach, however, is to search each line separately (one at a time) and then combine the separate lines using "Search with AND" above the search history list.

EconLit single line search view

Health economics search view - individual lines connected with AND

Individual results, or pages, can be selected by ticking the folder icon or using 'Share'.  Then go to the 'View Folder' area, from where results can be exported to EndNote Web (Online) or other options.

Use Save searches / alerts to save search histories for future re-use.  Register for a free account with EBSCO to enable this feature.

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