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Finding Statistics

How to use China Data Online

This is the most comprehensive resource when looking for find statistical information on China. China Data online provides access to:

- The Online China Statistical Data Service
- The Online China Census Data Service
- The China Geo-Explorer service II

How to access China Data Online

1) Go to FindIt@Bham:

2) Click the Sign in link

3) Sign in with your normal University username and password (the same one you use for my.bham

4) Into the search box type: China Data Online

5) Change the Everything drop down menu so that it now reads: --Online items

6) Click the Search button

7) Find China Data Online in the results list (it will have a Database picture next to it).

8) Click the View  Online link  (if you get asked to enter your username and password sign in with your normal university username and password).


How to search China Online

How the search works will depend on the area that you select.

9) From the menu on the left of the screen select an item e.g. click on the Provincial Statistics link

10) Click on the Advanced Search tab so that you can refine your search options from the start.  Make your selection from the items listed in the left-hand box e.g. Tianjin and Liaoning and using the > button move it to the right-hand box to select it. 

11) Then click on the Select Indexes tab, again select items from the left menu and add them to your selection by using the > button.

12) Use the Select Time tab to select the years for your search.  Once you are happy with your selection click the Submit button.

13) Once you have your results you can use the Save As button to export the information into Excel.

China Data Online also gives you many other options from the ‘Home’ Screen.  For example it will enable you to locate National or Monthly statistics or Provincial or City level statistics. 

The Dictionary link can be used to help you understand what a data type label actually means.

The China Geo-Explorer also enables you to quickly see geographical trends from within China.  Click on the China Geo-Explorer II link and then watch the help video before use. 

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