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Finding Statistics

How to use MarketLine

MarketLine provides access to company, country and industry intelligence as well as news and case studies. With over 3,500 industry profiles, 30,000 company profiles and 110 country profiles the resource also includes Financial Deals as well as Consumer Statistics and Market Data Analytics databases..

How to access Marketline


1) Go to FindIt@Bham:

2) Click the Sign in link

3) Sign in with your normal University username and password (the same one you use for my.bham)

4) Into the search box type: MarketLine

5) Change the Everything drop down menu so that it now reads: --Online items

6) Click the Search button

7)  Find MarketLine Advantage in the results list (it will have a Database picture next to it).

8) Click the View  Online link  (if you get asked to enter your username and password sign in with your normal university username and password).

How to find a PEST or PESTLE Report

You can use MarketLine to find some countries PEST (Political, Economic, Social, Technological) or PESTLE (as PEST but with Legal and Environmental sections) report.

9) Click on the Home link

10) In the search box type: Vietnam

11) Click the Search button

12) On the results screen, click on the Countries link

13) Click on the Country Analysis Report: Vietnam, In-depth PESTLE Insights link


How to find unofficial statistics and city statistics using MarketLine:


14) Return to the home page. Hover over the ‘Databases’ entry point and select ‘Country Statistics’

15) Select one or more countries (e.g. Belgium, France and Germany)

16) Select one or more indicators (e.g. Healthcare > Expenditure > Total > Absolute and Growth).

17) Note the date range over which data is provided and have a look at the left side of the screen and click on a data type to learn more about the original source of the data.  

18) You can use the options on the right of the screen to select how the chart is displayed.

You can do the same as the above but for city level statistics by going to the ‘Home’ screen, hover over the Databases entry point and select City Statistics.

19) Return to the home page. Hover over the ‘Databases’ entry point and select ‘Market Data Analytics’

20) Select a sector (e.g. Food > Ice Cream)

21) Click on ‘Country’ under ‘Search Type’ and then select one or more country (e.g. Europe > United Kingdom and France).

22) Under the heading: ‘Review Selections’, select a data type (e.g. Market Value) and then choose to compare by either category or country.

23) Click ‘View Results’.

You will then see the results. You can manipulate how your data is displayed using the ‘Refine Search’ options in the centre of the screen. Note: the data can be exported to Excel.

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