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EndNote Online

Troubleshooting - Login or Database export problems

NB: if the options offered do not work for you, then do contact the supplier, Clarivate Analytics, via their Support pages.

I can't login to EndNote online

Have you created an account?

  • Your institutional login (DS account) won't work with EndNote online. You need to create an account using your UoB email address and a password.

Does the login box reappear?

  • Try refresh on your browser as you may have been logged in anyway.

Roaming access expired for Web of Science - limited access to EndNote Online functions

"Roaming access has expired" error message occurs when the account has been set up using a computer not linked to the University proxy.

  • Please try reactivating you account by linking through the FindIt@Bham entry. Please ensure you have logged in
  • Alternatively you can log in using a computer on campus
  • If this does not work, contact the University IT Helpdesk

More information about Roaming is available from Clarivate Support pages.

I have just registered for an account with Web of Science and followed the email link to open up Web of Science again.  However, I'm only able to view a Researcher panel asking me to set up a profile.  I'm unable to view or search for Documents.

  • The system is not recognising you as a University member.  Try closing down the screens and logging off, then go back into Web of Science, via FindIt@Bham, and sign in again
  • If the above does not help, try going direct to the website route for Web of Science - then look for and select an option "For the full Web of Science experience, register through your Institution's access" and follow the link.  Then enter 'University of Birmingham' if prompted
  • If the above does not work and you are still having problems, contact the supplier, Clarivate Analytics, via their Support pages

Panopto video from Academic Skills Centre, UoB: includes sub-titles.

In EndNote Online, you may find problems moving the cursor over Collect and then down and across to Import References (the option furthest to the right after Online Search and New Reference).  

The options may seem to disappear if you do not take the cursor slowly down to Online Search then carefully across to Import References.


  1. Click on Collect in your EndNote Online screen (without taking the cursor lower down)
  2. This then defaults to Online Search within Collect, but allows the other options to be chosen more easily as they less prone to disappear from the screen, as long as you keep the cursor below
  3. Now click on Import References (to the right of Online Search and New Reference) and proceed from there



There was a problem with the direct export function to EndNote Online (Web) from EBSCO databases.  This has since been resolved.

If this is encountered again, the other option to export and save an RIS file instead.  This RIS file can then be uploaded from within Endnote Online.

See the EBSCO databases page in this guide for details of direct and indirect export to EndNote Online.

I've exported results to EndNote Online but I can't see what's happened.

This may happen when exporting results from Web of Science database searches. 

In Web of Science, simply go to the Products tab at the top right of the screen.

In the drop-down menu, choose EndNote (near the end of the drop-down - not 'EndNote Click') and this should then open up EndNote Online on-screen.  You may need to enter your Web of Science / EndNote Online login details in the process

  • If you were able to export the results to a named group in your EndNote Online account, they should be there
  • If the results were not exported to a specific named folder, then click on "My references" at the top left, and look for the Unfiled section on the left-hand menu
  • Locate the references in Unfiled and transfer them from there to a named group of your choice, or set up a new named group

EndNote Online is hosted on the same overall platform as the databases contained in Web of Science (Science, Social Science, Arts and Humanities Indexes and others).   If you are using Web of Science and EndNote Online at the same time, you may wish to have them both open in separate browser tabs. 

  • This is also a good idea when searching databases on other platforms (eg EBSCO)
  • In that case, when exporting to EndNote Online, remember to refresh the EndNote Online tab or window to show the results just exported

I selected results and attempted export to EndNote Online but nothing happened. 

  • Try clearing the cache and cookies in your web browser and exporting again.  You may need to close and re-open Web of Science and repeat the search
  • If the problem still occurs, log a call with the IT Helpdesk (UoB users)

You may have problems generating the .RIS (for Endnote, Citavi) file option from Proquest databases.

A: Clear cache and cookies for the browser you are using. 

  • Proquest databases seem to be particularly affected by Google Chrome settings, so you may need to choose an alternative browser or clear the cache and cookies each time you use Chrome before accessing Proquest databases

B: Try signing up for and then opening Proquest Research - "My Research" - in the Proquest platform to enable successful downloads.  You can do so within any Proquest database.

  • This is free as a University member and also allows for saving search histories and individual results within Proquest

C: Check which browser extensions you are using in Chrome.  Try disabling these - go to Settings, Advanced, Extensions - and disabling then re-enabling these to see if any one or more conflict with the ProQuest RIS file download.

Then carry out your search in the Proquest database or database collection: or go to the results page for the search you've already done.

  1. Select the results, then use the "Save to My Research" option
  2. Go to "My Research" to locate the results there
  3. Select those results, choose the Save option and "RIS (works with Endnote, Citavi)" from the drop-down options
  4. This should carry out the export, generating a .RIS file for download to desktop, then import into Endnote Online (using Collect- Import references)


You upload a file of results following a database search, but nothing appears in your EndNote Online account.

This can happen if you have inadvertently chosen the wrong filter in EndNote Online when uploading the file.

In Collect - Import References: check the options available against Import Option.

  • Use the long list of references in a pop-up table: or, if you have already selected some favourite options, click on 'Select favourites' to see the full list again
  • For example, there are a number of options for the database Medline, depending on the host platform
  • If you are importing a file generated from Medline on Ovid, then choose Medline (OvidSP)
  • There is a useful generic import filter RefMan RIS which can cover RIS file uploads from most sources

See also: "Troubleshooting - List of Styles in Word" on this page.



Troubleshooting - Cite while You Write / Word

NB: if the options offered do not work for you, then do contact the supplier, Clarivate Analytics, via their Support pages.

Q: There is no EndNote tab in my Word document - what do I do?

1. Check that you have downloaded the Cite While You Write plugin 

  • Go to the Word page and 'Cite while you write' tab in this guide for download instructions

2. If you have downloaded the plugin but it is not visible in Word:

  • In Word, go to File - Options - Add-ins
  • Check for EndNote Cite While you Write: this needs to be in the upper list of Active Application Add-Ins: if it is not, activate this as required

Q: Why do I have problems connecting to Endnote in Word?

  • Check your password: if it includes a percentage sign (%) then this may cause problems.  Change the password to remove the percentage sign

If you are still encountering problems, then contact technical support

NB: if the options offered do not work for you, then do contact the supplier, Clarivate Analytics, via their Support pages.

Q: A separate programme, also called EndNote, appears on my computer when I try to insert a citation in a Word document I’ve just opened.

You may have opened EndNote Desktop by accident: this could happen if you are on a campus or institutional PC or laptop.  EndNote Desktop is a related but separate product

  • Go to the EndNote tab at the top of Word
  • Open the Preferences to see a pop-up headed 'EndNote Cite While You Write Preferences'
  • Choose Application: if this is set to ;EndNote’, use the drop-down to change it to 'EndNote Online'
  • Then enter or followed by your Uni email address and password you created for EndNote Online / Web of Science












If EndNote 20 has been installed, this may have an extra tab in the pop-up: the Application tab is unchanged.  20 is the latest edition EndNote Desktop.










See also Using Endnote Online with Word: 'Cite While You Write' in this guide.

Q: The EndNote online account login box keeps appearing when I try to use EndNote online with Word

Have you logged in to your EndNote online account?

  • Login to your EndNote online account before you open Word

Which browser are you using to login to your EndNote online account?

  • Try logging in to your EndNote online account using your default browser.

Q: I see a 'Cannot edit range' error message in Word when I try to insert a citation.

Do you also use Mendeley?

  • Turn off the Add-in for Mendeley. Word -> File menu -> Options -> Add-Ins -> scroll to the foot of the page and choose Word Add-Ins from the Manage drop-down menu. Uncheck the box next to Mendeley
  • If temporarily disabling the add-in doesn't work, then you will need to uninstall the Word plug-in from Mendeley. In Mendeley, go to Tools -> Uninstall MS Word plug-in

Q: The EndNote tab doesn't appear in Word 2016

Have you downloaded the Cite While You Write plugin?

  • If you have downloaded the plugin, see if the Ribbon tab is also unchecked
    • Click on the File menu and select Options
    • Click on Customize Ribbon and Check EndNote if it is unchecked
    • Click OK to display the EndNote tab in the Word Ribbon
    • If this doesn't work, enable EndNote tools in COM Add-Ins
  •  Word 2010/2013/2016: Click on the File ribbon and select "Options."
    •  Open Word and click on the File ribbon and select "Options." 
    •  Click on "Add-ins." 
    •  At the bottom of the page, next to "Manage:" set the Drop down to "COM Add-ins" 
    •  Click Go
    •  Select EndNote Cite While You Write (If it is unchecked)
    •  Click OK

Q: I'm having trouble with a long document divided into chapters and matching up all the citations and reference lists.

Names of corporate or organisational authors may need extra detail to be reproduced correctly in the in-text citation and reference list or bibliography.

For example, if the National Health Service is the author, then this needs to have a comma added after the name in the EndNote Library entry.  This should then produce correct in-text citations and reference list entries.

The EndNote / Clarivate supplier support pages have more information about how to enter author names in EndNote Online

NHS author entry in EndNote Online


NHS entry in Word reference list and in-text citation

I can only see a short list of styles in Word

Have you selected favourite styles in EndNote online?

  • Login to EndNote online
  • Choose Format -> Bibliography
    • Click on Select Favorites to the right of the boxes and add the style you want
  • The added styles should then display in Word - Cite While You Write
  • You can also clear your favourites with 'Remove from Favorites' to see all available styles




I do not have a 'Favorites' option for selecting styles

If you only have a shorter list of available styles, or no 'Favorites' with further styles to choose from:  

  • Then you may be using the most basic version of EndNote, the free online 'EndNote Basic'
  • This may be true for those with no institutional access who have downloaded EndNote Basic from the open web, or for others with limited access such as Alumni
  • If you require a style not clearly present, contact Clarivate Support for guidance

Vancouver Style

Panopto video from Academic Skills Centre, University of Birmingham (includes subtitles).

The Vancouver referencing style uses abbreviated titles for journals.  These abbreviations are not included in Endnote Online, so if you working with Vancouver, you will need to edit the individual references in the reference list to change the full journal title to the abbreviated form.

To do so, highlight and remove each journal title in your final reference list or bibliography, and replace the title with the abbreviation.  Where there is more than one reference from the same journal, the Find - Replace function in Word can be used. You can find the recognised abbreviations by using the journal title to search the National Library of Medicine Catalog, journals page

NB: if the options offered do not work for you, then do contact the supplier, Clarivate Analytics, via their Support pages.

Q: Some Apple MAC users have reported problems when opening Endnote / Cite While You Write (CWYW) in Word.


  • Close any Word windows you have open
  • Open just one Word document
  • In the EndNote tab in Word, go to Preferences - Applications
  • Type / paste in this URL:
  • 'OK' this, then close the document and Word programme
  • Open a fresh Word document
  • Go to the EndNote tab and check if you can Insert Citations


  • Check your password for your Web of Science / EndNote Online account.  If this includes one or more of the special characters @, ! , then these will need to be removed or replaced.  You can change your password by going to

A3: Clarivate Analytics recommend setting Word / Office programmes for some MACs to "Open using Rosetta".

A4: Check Firewall settings on your MAC (eg MAC Ventura) - these could be blocking the connection to EndNote Online

Q: I use Word via Office 365 subscribed by the University and signed in with my own account. I can't connect to EndNote Online

A: Make sure you sign in with your University email address, not any separate account

Q: I've downloaded CWYW for my Mac but I can't see it

A: Read the detailed instructions from Clarivate Analytics on installing CWYW in Word for Macs.

Q: Should I be using the Endnote Online or the App?

A: There is an App: this is on the Apple Store for iPhone or iPad.  However, note that Apps are usually more basic products, however, aimed at temporary use before synching with the main product.

As outlined and instructed in this guide, undergraduate and taught postgraduate students at the University of Birmingham are recommended to use Endnote Online, the web-based product hosted on the Web of Science platform (available via FindIt@Bham).

To enable use of Endnote Online:

Do check that you have not instead downloaded the Endnote Desktop product, which is a separate programme supported for research postgraduates (PGRs) and other researchers and academic and other staff at the University of Birmingham.  The Apple App may be more intended for linking with this Desktop product than Endnote Online.


EndNote Desktop to EndNote Online

Online Account

Endnote Online is the web-based product enabled by setting up an account on Web of Science. Setting up the account does not involved downloading software, except for the Cite While You Write plugin for Word documents.

If you have downloaded Endnote from My Software (UoB students), this is the separate Desktop programme recommended for doctoral and later researchers and other staff at the University.

  • To switch to Endnote Online, you just need to set up an account with Web of Science and follow the activation email, then access Endnote Online by going to Web of Science - Products (Endnote).
  • In Word, go to the Endnote 20 tab and open Preferences > Applications: then change to Endnote Online from Endnote.  Enter your Uni email and password for your Web of Science account.  The Endnote Online subscription bar should have or - this should be auto-filled.

The following screenshots illustrate this process.


Export results from EndNote Desktop to EndNote Online:

In EndNote Desktop:

  • File – Export
  • Save as Type - Text File
  • Output style – choose EndNote Export
  • Then save the file, eg to desktop or wherever you can find this

In EndNote Online:

  • Collect – Import References
  • Find the file
  • Choose EndNote Import for Import Option (from the Select Favorites list)
  • [Unfiled] as group to send to, unless you have a named group already


Troubleshooting - Bibliography / Reference List

I have made edits but am unable to save the changes

  • Make the edit in the field required
  • Then take the cursor outside the field, or into another field, and click
  • The changes should then be saved automatically

I need to create a bibliography as well as a reference list.

A bibliography is a list of everything you have read when preparing your paper. A reference list is everything you have cited in your paper.

You can generate a bibliography from EndNote online

  • Choose Format - Bibliography. Choose the folder with the references you need from the drop down menu
  • Choose the Bibliographic Style then the File Format (RTF) you can save or preview the file. Copy and paste the information into your Word document

Q: There is incorrect/missing information in my reference list

  • Is the infomation in your EndNote online library?
  • EndNote online willl create the reference in Word from the information in EndNote online. If the information is missing (e.g. author's name) or is in the incorrect field, then the reference will be incorrect in Word
  • Always check references that you capture from databases or websites to make sure that the correct information goes into your EndNote library
  • In some cases it might be easier to enter a reference manually than to try and find it on a database and then change it

Which style are you using?

  • It may be that the style you have chosen doesn't use information in a particular field (e.g. URL). Try a different style

Q: I need to insert the citation without the Author's name

  • You can insert citations and exclude the Author or the Year. It depends on how you have introduced the citation. If you have written, for example, 'Brown says' then you'd want to Insert & Exclude Author


DOI information missing in journal article references in reference list

This affects the Cite them right Harvard style.

The default setting for journal article references in Cite them right Harvard style does not include the doi (digital object identifier).

To change this, there are currently two options.

Option 1. Go into the record details in Endnote Online and change the Reference Type to Electronic article (from Journal article).  Then go to your Word document and insert the citation as required. If you had already inserted the citation before noticing the problem, then it may be advisable to remove the citation first, and then re-insert this after you have made the changes in your Endnote Online library entry.  Use the Edit Citation feature in Cite While You Write

  • NB: check that the details have mapped across correctly: if not, you may need to save your document, then re-open and re-enter the citation, or highlight the citation in the Word document and use the Edit Citation feature in Cite While You Write and use the Update from My Library feature

Change Reference Type to Electronic Article in Endnote Online.

  • Note that changing the Reference Type to Electronic article may import other details which need to be edited


In Word, highlight the citation and right-click for Edit Citation, then select 'More' from the arrow by Edit Citation.

  • In the resulting pop-up, go to Edit Reference, and in the drop-down menu select Update from My Library
  • If this does not work, then use "Remove citation" from the Edit Reference drop-down menu: then locate and insert the required citation again from scratch


Option 2. Edit the reference details in the entry in the Word document itself.  Note that this will not change the record itself in the Endnote Online library.


Reference List / Bibliography: formatting.

Note that your references may appear consecutively in the final list in your Word document without the required line-spacing. 

  1. To change this, click on the arrow to the right of 'Bibliography' in the EndNote tab in Word
  2. This produces a pop-up to 'Configure Bibliography'
  3. Select the 'Layout' option at the top of the pop-up
  4. In this area of the pop-up you can change the line spacing if required, and the space after
  5. Change 'space after' to at least single space to create a gap between each reference
  6. At the same time, you can enter a Bibliography Title: 'Reference List' should be enough; this will help to separate the list from the body of the text 



  1. Highlight the reference list references and right-click with your mouse
  2. Select Paragraph
  3. This should default to Indents and Spacing
  4. In the Spacing section in the pop-up, set Line Spacing to Single
  5. You could also change  the 'After' option to 6 pt
  6. Click OK to set the spacing between references


Vancouver Style

Panopto video from Academic Skills Centre, University of Birmingham (includes subtitles).

The Vancouver referencing style uses abbreviated titles for journals.  These abbreviations are not included in Endnote Online, so if you are working with Vancouver, you will need to edit the individual references in the reference list to change the full journal title to the abbreviated form.

To do so, highlight and remove each journal title in your final reference list or bibliography, and replace the title with the abbreviation.  You can find the recognized abbreviations by using the journal title to search the National Library of Medicine Catalog, journals page

Troubleshooting - EndNote online and EndNote desktop synching

Please note: this is only for users of Endnote Desktop who are also using Endnote Online.  Endnote Desktop is supported at UoB for doctoral and other researchers and University staff.

Setting up an EndNote online (web) account allows you to synchronise your desktop library with your online library and take it with you wherever you have an Internet connection. However, you can only synchronise ONE EndNote Desktop library with ONE EndNote online library.

If you have several EndNote libraries we recommend merging them into one master library and using the Groups feature to organise your references. 


If you find that your references and groups have been duplicated after syncing you can deduplicate as follows:

  • In EndNote online (web) go to the Organize tab
  • Click on Find Duplicates
  • Delete as appropriate
  • Empty your Trash folder
  • Go back to EndNote and click on the Sync icon again
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