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Adding references from Cochrane Library

Cochrane Library to Endnote Online

  1. First, do your search on Cochrane Library, and select the results to Export
    • RIS Endnote is the default file for saving results in Cochrane to referencing software 
  2. Save the file (eg to your desktop)
  3. In Endnote Online, click on 'Collect'
  4. Select 'Import References'
    1. Browse and locate the downloaded file, or you can use the "Click and drag" option
    2. From Import Options, choose Cochrane (Wiley): you may need to find and choose the style from a pop-up list produced by clicking on 'Select favourites' 
    3. In 'To', choose the Endnote Online group where you wish to store the results
  5. Click on 'Import'
  6. The references should then be imported into your Endnote Online account 
  7. If you did not choose a Group, then the results will be in the Unfiled area
    • You should locate and move these to an existing group ,or set up and name a New Group


Cochrane screen: tick boxes to Export selected citations




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