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EndNote Online

Using EndNote Online for systematic literature reviews

EndNote Online and Systematic Reviews

Some features of EndNote Online are useful for detailed or systematic-style literature reviews

  • Managing duplicate references - you can deduplicate and delete the duplicate references
    • You can also keep a copy of them in another group
  • Share groups of references - you can share groups of references with other researchers

EndNote Online and Systematic Review Tools

Systematic review management tools such as Covidence involve both importing references stored first in EndNote (Desktop or Online) and exporting files for import back into EndNote. This will normally be as the RIS file format, which is normally compatible with most programmes such as Covidence and Rayyan.

If Covidence is being used, use the product Knowledgebase pages.

Records found on database searches should be exported to EndNote first.  It is also recommended to de-duplicate references in EndNote. References can then be transferred to Covidence (which does also run a basic de-duplication check).

NB: Covidence is not subscribed by the University of Birmingham, although a brief trial is underway from 1st February to 31st March 2023.

Find duplicates

Panopto video from Academic Skills Centre, University of Birmingham (includes subtitles).

EndNote offers an easy way to find, compare and remove duplicate references.

Go to Organize - Find Duplicates

This will identify and auto-tick boxes against the duplicated items across all your references.

Note that this feature does not search for duplicate entries within individual Groups in Endnote Online.

EndNote online will allow you compare records and select the one with the best information. You can then delete the other references. You may wish to add them to another group first if you need to keep a copy of them.

Share groups

To delete, rename and share groups of references, choose Organize thenManage My Groups

  • Check the box next to the group(s) you wish to share
  • Select Manage Sharing then Start sharing this group
  • Enter the email address(es) of the user(s) with whom you want share references. These users must have EndNote online accounts and the email addresses must be the addresses used for these accounts
  • Choose the privileges these users will have: read only or read & write
  • Select Apply and close the window
  • It is not possible to share attachments, but you can share a link to documents online using the URL field

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