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EndNote Online

Adding references from JSTOR

Panopto video from Academic Skills Centre, University of Birmingham (includes sub-titles).

Summary of steps

A: In Jstor

  1. Perform a search in Jstor
  2. Select the references required for export
  3. Click on 'Export selected citations' and choose 'Export a RIS file' from the drop-down menu
  4. This should generate a file of.ris format: save to Desktop or other location

B: In Endnote Online

  1. Go to Collect - Import References
  2. Locate and choose the file just downloaded
  3. Against Import option, find and choose either 'Jstor', or 'RefMan RIS' - both options work with this file type
  4. Choose the group to add the references too, or leave as Unfiled
  5. Check that the results have been imported successfully, and transfer to a named or new group if in Unfiled

Collect - Import References in Endnote Online: tip

In Endnote Online, you may find problems moving the cursor over Collect and then down and across to Import References (the option furthest to the right after Online Search and New Reference).  

The options may seem to disappear if you do not take the cursor slowly down to Online Search then carefully across to Import References.


  1. Click on Collect in your Endnote Online screen (without taking the cursor lower down)
  2. This then defaults to Online Search within Collect, but allows the other options to be chosen more easily as they less prone to disappear from the screen, as long as you keep the cursor below
  3. Now click on Import References (to the right of Online Search and New Reference) and proceed from there

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